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At Savage Australia we are often asked about how to clean sunglasses lenses, both polarised and non polarised.

If you are a beach lover you’ll get salt splash on the lenses. You’ll also get perspiration from the heat. These are unavoidable, but there is a great tip to get your lenses look shiny and clean.

The key is to rinse your sunglasses in tap water and if possible warm soapy water as soon as you finish using them. Simple: clean water is great in getting rid of sunscreen residues, salt & perspiration. Isocol (available from your Chemist) is also extremely good for cleaning all types of lenses. All lenses produced by Savage are safe to use with Isocol.

Finally, try not to rub your lenses with your T-shirt or dress! Clothing fabrics are coarse and could scratch the UV protective surface of your lenses. Instead, use the pouch we send with our sunglasses, it’s great for getting rid of smudge and finger marks.

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