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Just like sunscreen protects your skin, your sunglasses protect your eyes from the suns damaging ultraviolet rays.

Don’t think that just because the sun isn’t out or summer has ended you don’t need your sunglasses. There is UV light on cloudy days too and during other seasons of the year – in fact anytime it’s daytime you’ll be exposed to UV rays. It’s really important to protect your eyes all year round.

Savage Sunglasses’ quality range of sunglasses have lenses that meet the highest standards for UVA & UVB protection in Australia, NZ, USA & EU so assist in protecting you from these harmful rays.

Exposure to UV light can increase your risk of getting cataracts and other growths on your eyes.

So – always wear your Savage Sunglasses for the health of your eyes and of course, for the great fashion statement they make!

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