What Is This TR90?

It may sound like the latest trend in body transformation workouts however TR90 (Grilamid Trogamid CX) is actually an amazing new material developed and produced by the Swiss Chemical Company EMS, and is now used for sunglass frames because it is virtually indestructable!!

Thanks to it’s durability and strength, sunglasses frames made with TR90 are superior and will last longer.

It’s a thermoplastic material which is amazingly lightweight and comfortable, in fact so comfortable you might forget you have your sunnies on. Also, being hypo-allergenic it won’t irritate your skin. A TR90 frame is described as a super-flexible shape memory polymer (nicknamed plastic titanium). It’ll bend to contour to your face ensuring a great fit.

If you’ve ever sat on your sunglasses when getting in the car, dropped them on concrete slabs or trod on them under your foot, and have been upset about destroying your favourite pair, then these are the ones for you! Basically, only fire and acid will destroy Savage’s TR90 sunglasses!

Try them and you’ll see what we mean!

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