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Whilst your eyes occupy less than 2% of your entire body surface, they are the only organ that allows penetration of visible light into your body.

Your body deals with the harmful effects of UV rays with eyebrows and eyelashes, however sunglasses are the best protection you can have.

Without sunscreen, your skin burns with exposure to too much UV, you can imagine what happens to your eyes under the same condition. Without good protection from sunnies, some of the problems you could end up with are Photokeratits (pain and sour eyes) & Photoconjunctivits (snow blindness). Then there’s Peterygium (a growth on the surface of your eye) and cataracts (opaque haze in the lens of your eyes).

What a list of potential problems that our love of the sun can cause! But the answer is simple – wear sunglasses and make sure they offer the best UV protection that meet the AUS/NZ standards. Australia and New Zealand have the most stringent UV protection regulations for eye wear and Savage Sunglasses meet all these and more!

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