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Skin irritation from wearing sunglasses for too long? You won’t get an allergic reaction from our sunglasses frames because all Savage frames are Hypoallergenic.

Most high quality sunglasses are hypoallergenic although cheaper metal frames and sunglasses purchased in some overseas countries are made from materials that could cause skin irritation.

Frames made from wood, bone, aluminium, beryllium are not normally considered hypoallergenic and can cause uncomfortable skin reactions for the wearer. Metal frames that contain nickel are also not hypoallergenic despite some claims. In fact Nickel is banned in many countries for use in jewellery, eye wear frames and stud earrings!

Our entire range of Polycarbonate and CP (Cellulose Acetate Proportionate) frames are made from hypoallergenic materials. Just another great reason to get your sunnies from Savage Sunglasses!

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