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You should consider wooden sunglasses for your next purchase. They are becoming increasingly popular with more and more people considering the environment in all their purchases.

Why Natural Wood?

Well for a start off they are environmentally friendly, as well as being extremely stylish. So, you have style with sustainability and you are making a responsible purchasing option. Wood doesn’t contain harmful substances and is bio-degradable.

Wooden sunglasses look great and have a timeless quality about them. They are also extra durable and extremely lightweight. Another benefit is they are hypoallergenic meaning they won’t irritate your skin.

Remember to always ensure you only purchase wooden sunglasses with polarised lenses and have maximum 400UV eye protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

That leads us to the care of your wooden sunglasses.

Always store your sunglasses in their case – don’t leave them out in the sun when you are not wearing them. and clean with the microfibre cloth. Avoid applying cleaning solutions to the frames & lenses and avoid trying to clean the lenses with your t-shirt.  Warm water and your microfibre cloth are all you need.

Avoid getting them wet. Although most wooden sunglasses can float it’s not a good idea to submerge them in water. If they do get wet, wipe dry with your microfibre cloth

Another tip to keep your sunglasses (any sunglasses, not just wooden ones) in shape is to NOT wear them on the top of your head. Over time this habit can deform the shape. And, try to remember to use both hands when putting your sunnies on or taking them off to maintain property alignment of both arms.

As wood is a strong and durable material if you care for your sunglasses properly they should last you for a long time (or until you are in the mood for a different style).

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