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So, you enjoy your golf!
If you are a keen amateur or weekend golfer then you don’t need to fork out a fortune on specialist golfing sunglasses. Just consider these points to help you get the best out of your game.

The frames
Chose a lightweight frame as it’ll be more comfortable on your face. Savage Sunglasses TR90 frames are perfect for your golf game, they are lightweight, sturdy and durable. Remember you are spending a few hours on the course so you don’t want frames that irritate your face, feel heave or make you sweat. Make sure your sunglass fits comfortably (you don’t want them to fall off during your golf swing!) TR90 is now used by nearly all major sunglass brands and we make it our business to offer frames equal to those well-known brand names.

The lenses
In normal conditions, you are in a mostly green environment, under a blue or pale grey sky, and as you know sometimes you can play through a lot of different weather conditions, not just bright sunlight.

Savage Sunglasses TAC polarised lenses are manufactured in Korea and are of a quality second to none. They are scratch resistant, impact proof and resistant to delaminating. Consisting of 9 layers they have no distortion on any area of the lens, which is important when playing golf. Our lenses are often found in glasses selling above $150 a pair.

Polarised lenses are excellent for golf as they stop the light glare from getting directly in your eyes. Obviously, this helps when looking into the sun – you’ll be able to keep better track of your ball in flight.

– Blue & yellow lenses filter out blue light and enhance the contrast on green surfaces.
– Brown lenses offer similar benefits to yellow and offer a more low-key look on the course. They’re also equally effective on dark or overcast days.
– Gray or Black lenses are great for when you want to shield yourself from bright light.

So, it’s really down to personal preference when it comes to lens colour. Generally speaking, the warmer colour lenses are the best for clearest vision on the golf course. These absorb the blue light, protect your eyes and help you when you are on the fairway, reading the green, and looking for that little white ball!

Savage styles that are great for golf:

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